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Transforming Google Ads performance for Caversham Solicitors

Caversham Solicitors hired us to improve their online visibility and streamline their Google Ads to better connect with potential clients. Our adjustments led to significant gains across key metrics, enhancing the law firm's digital footprint efficiently.  

Caversham Solicitors Prolific 10 case study
Caversham Solicitors x Prolific 10 case study

All about Caversham Solicitors

Caversham Solicitors is a national law firm providing a wide range of legal services for over 25 years to both businesses and individuals. They continue to serve and support communities through the provision of well respected and trusted individual and business legal services. Based in Reading, Caversham Solicitors are comprised of a dedicated team of highly-skilled and client-focused solicitors, each with their own specialisation, supported by an exceptional team of secretaries and support staff.


The challenge

Working with its previous agency, Caversham Solicitors was struggling to see any tangible uplift in enquiries and had little visibility over whether the money it was investing in Google Ads each month was driving leads.

After approaching Prolific 10, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the firm’s Google Ads account, which highlighted a host of issues that had been significantly limiting performance.

These included a poor account structure for the business’ objectives, little negative keyword management that was resulting in irrelevant click traffic, low click through rates and wasted click spend.

Conversion tracking had also not been set up, meaning there had been no actionable data and insights available to optimise the campaigns and measure ROI.


The solution

We consulted on a number of short and medium-term opportunities, designed to generate an uplift in relevant traffic and onsite conversions, for the same monthly click spend budget.

Our initial implementation included:

  • An account restructure that would better allow the client to compete for local traffic. In a highly competitive industry, this was crucial
  • Building out robust negative keyword lists to eradicate irrelevant search traffic and wasted spend
  • Full conversion tracking set up for better measurement of ROI
  • Amending keyword match types where relevant, enabling cheaper cost per clicks and more targeted traffic
  • Implementing a new bid strategy, now the conversions that mattered most to the firm were being tracked properly
  • Performing additional keyword research for new affordable, relevant opportunities

The results

Following an initial three-month roll out period, we were able to:

  • Increase click-through rate by 12%, demonstrating enhanced engagement with the ads.
  • Increase impression share by 20%, indicating improved visibility in our client’s target market.
  • Achieve a 24% reduction in cost per click, maximising efficiency of the ad spend.
  • Consistently start tracking 100+ leads per month

With the introduction of conversion tracking and measurement, we’ve not only been able to restore Caversham Solicitor’s trust in Google Ads as a marketing channel, but we have also been able to make informed data-driven decisions to maximise results. As a result, we were appointed Caversham Solicitors’ long-term digital marketing agency.

"Vital in driving new leads..."

David Bevas, Managing Director at Caversham Solicitors, said: “As the legal landscape becomes increasingly competitive, our partnership with Prolific 10 has been vital in building brand awareness and driving new leads. Their targeted approach has not only increased our online visibility but has also made our digital advertising efforts more efficient, giving us a clearer understanding of where our investments are going. Charlotte and her team are always responsive and we appreciate the comprehensive monthly reporting and recommendations.”

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