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Driving significant Google Ads and Meta Ads growth for Axion Now

We were tasked by Axion Now to enhance their online presence to better serve an expanding national customer base. By analysing and optimising the company's Google Ads and Meta Ads accounts, we saw substantial growth across all major metrics  

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All about Axion Now

Axion Now is the premier specialist and largest organiser of Magic: The Gathering (MtG) tournaments in the UK. As an accredited Wizards of the Coast Internet Retailer, they serve a global community of players and collectors, providing a robust platform for the purchase and trade of MtG cards.

The challenge

Working alongside their previous agency, Axion Now had already established a significant market presence but the business was ready to take the next step in their growth journey with a more innovative approach to digital advertising.

The key objective was to enhance their online presence to better serve an expanding national customer base. With ambitions to grow sales, further develop their brand presence, and to increase their return on investment, Axion Now sought a new partnership with a digital advertising agency that could introduce fresh ideas and streamline existing activity to drive their ongoing growth and success in the competitive trading card games (TCG) industry. As a result, Axion Now reached out to us for an initial conversation.

Whilst the company communicated that they’d seen some good initial returns under their previous agency, there was a feeling the campaigns could be performing much better. With a new Shopify website on the horizon, and ambitious growth plans in place, Axion Now wanted to work with an agency they felt confident could take them to the next level and scale with.

Following an extensive PPC audit, which examined all current paid social platforms, we ascertained there was significant scope to improve return on ad spend (ROAS), as well as increasing the number of new customers coming from both Google & Facebook (Meta Ads) channels. As a result, our team was appointed on an initial six-month contract to manage Axion Now’s digital advertising.


The solution

After inheriting the Google Ads and Meta Ads accounts, our PPC experts immediately began to roll-out a comprehensive improvement and refinement programme, which encompassed a number of technical and creative enhancements. Over the course of the first two months of the agreement, this included:

  • Campaign Refinement and Keyword Optimisation: Implemented significant refinements, including pausing duplicate campaigns and creating targeted negative keyword lists at the account, campaign, and ad group levels to eliminate wasteful spending.
  • Ad Group Restructuring: Created more specific ad groups, categorising relevant keywords strategically rather than clustering them in a single group. This approach enhanced ad relevance and expected click-through rates (CTRs), which are vital components for how Google’s Quality Score is calculated.
  • Ad Copy Enhancement: Leveraged the expertise of our in-house content team to refine ad copy, making it more engaging and effective at capturing the target audience’s attention, also for better click-through rates and Quality Scores.
  • Ad Extensions Improvement: Enhanced ad extensions to increase click-through rates by providing users with more relevant, direct pathways to conversion pages.
  • Bid Strategy Optimisation: Amended bid strategies to implement a more effective target ROAS, optimising budget allocation for better returns.
  • Budget Reallocation: Shifted budget from underperforming platforms and campaigns to those showing top performance, yielding immediate returns.
  • Dynamic Facebook Strategy: Introduced a new strategy for Facebook (Meta Ads), creating and launching ads in the run-up to product releases. Post-release, we evaluate performance and pause ads as necessary—either due to a drop in performance or low stock levels—catering to the business’s cycle of regular product launches.

Once a solid foundation was established, the subsequent four months were dedicated to meticulous refinement and responsive adjustments. The Prolific 10 team employed a continuous improvement methodology, meticulously analysing the performance data and market trends to make real-time, informed decisions.


The results

Our enhancements collectively contributed to a more streamlined, effective digital advertising strategy for Axion Now, driving improved performance and growth. At the end of the initial six-month term, Prolific 10 had delivered the following improvements:

Google Ads

  • Growth in New User Traffic Acquisition: There was a notable 23% increase in new users visiting the Axion Now site, aligning with the company’s strategic focus on expanding their customer base.
  • Surge in Purchases: The total number of purchases rose by 17.8%, indicative of enhanced customer engagement and conversion tactics.
  • Revenue Uplift: Revenue saw an impressive boost, with a 30% increase, showcasing the direct impact of the refined advertising efforts on the bottom line.
  • ROAS Improvement: ROAS grew by 9.55%, demonstrating improved efficiency and effectiveness in ad spend.
  • CTR Enhancement: The CTR soared by 83%, reflecting the success of the optimised targeting strategy and ad copy better resonating with potential customers.
  • CPC Reduction: The average cost per click (CPC) was reduced by 10%, indicating more cost-effective ad spend.

Facebook (Meta Ads)

In addition to the growth seen across Google Ads, the performance metrics from Meta Ads were equally successful, demonstrating the effectiveness of our team's targeted strategies:


  • ROAS Surge: ROAS on Meta Ads campaigns experienced a monumental increase of 285%, indicating a highly profitable advertising investment.
  • Revenue Growth: Axion Now witnessed a significant uptick in revenue, with a 64% increase, underscoring the successful targeting and messaging of the ads.
  • CTR Advancement: The CTR for ads jumped by 35%, once again confirming that the ad copy was well-aligned with the audience's interests and increased their inclination to engage.
  • CPC Reduction: The average CPC significantly dropped by 51%, providing clear evidence of a more efficient ad spend and smarter budget allocation.

"The increase in new users and revenue speaks volumes..."

Following the success of the initial six-month term, we were appointed as long-term digital marketing consultants by Axion Now.

Liz Kolb Barnetson, Owner of Axion Now, said: “Partnering with Prolific 10 has delivered a number of tangible benefits for Axion Now. Their strategic acumen and expertise have led to clear, measurable improvements across our digital platforms. The increase in new users and revenue speaks volumes, but beyond the numbers, it's the consistent communication and understanding of our brand that adds a lot of value. They've been more than an agency; they've been a collaborative partner, committed to our growth and responsive to our evolving needs.”

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